Required: ENGL 4821 Poetics
One class in poetry before 1800
One class in poetry after 1800 (includes Romantic poetry)
One additional English class centered on poetry or poetics.


(ENGL 4060 Old English, ENGL 4210 Old English Literature, ENGL 4220 Beowulf, 4230/4230W Medieval Literature,, ENGL 4240/4240W Chaucer, ENGL 4270 Medieval Romance, ENGL 4296 Literature of Medieval Wales, ENGL 4300/4300W Elizabethan Poetry, ENGL 4320/4320W Shakespeare I: Selection, ENGL 4330/4330W/4330E/4330S Shakespeare II: Topics, ENGL 4340 Renaissance Drama, ENGL 4350 17th-Century Poetry, ENGL 4370 Milton, or a topics course with a focus on poetry before 1800)

(ENGL 4500 Romantic Literature, ENGL 4540 Victorian Poetry, ENGL[AFAM] 4620 African American Poetry, ENGL 4660 20th-Century British Poetry, ENGL 4770 20th-Century American Poetry, or a topics course with a focus on poetry after 1800 [including Romantic poetry])

(Any other course from the lists above, ENGL 3050 Intro to Poetry, ENGL 4800W Advanced Creative Writing with a specified poetry or poetics focus; or any ENGL topics class with a poetry or poetics focus)