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The Writing Center is open for Thru Term, June 5-July 29

Members of the University of Georgia community are welcome to make an appointment through our online system:


Please read the instructions below for more information about our online appointments!


How to Schedule and Prepare for an Online Appointment

  1. Register with our online system: If you have never made an appointment with the Writing Center, you will need to register. Head on over to and click the link on the left that says "Register for an account". Follow the subsequent instructions, and please provide as much detail as you can!
  2. Prepare to submit your writing for feedback: You will be required to submit the writing on which you would like feedback when you make your appointment. While our consultants will only have enough time to review 1-5 pages during a 45-minute appointment, it is a good idea to upload the entire piece of writing so that our consultants have a better sense of context. If possible and relevant, also consider preparing a document of the assignment sheet to upload as supporting material. While it is possible to book an appointment without uploading your documents, your appointment may be cancelled if you have not uploaded your work.
  3. Find an appointment time that is right for you: When you login to, you will see available appointment times appear as white blocks in our weekly schedule. You will receive feedback on your writing no later than the end of your scheduled appointment time. Be sure to choose an appointment that is far enough in advance of your deadline. 
  4. Book your appointment and submit your work: Once you click on the appointment that you would like to book, a dialog box will open. This box contains information about your writing consultant and space for you to share a little bit about yourself and your writing project. What are you struggling with? What would you like the consultant to focus on? If your paper is longer than 5 pages, which pages would you like the consultant to review? Help your consultant give useful feedback by including as much detail as possible! The last step before you hit "Create Appointment" is to upload your work!
  5. Receive feedback: Once your writing consultant receives your work, they will have until the end of your scheduled appointment time to provide feedback. This feedback will take the form of marginal comments and a more extensive note either at the beginning or the end of the document. Once your consultant has prepared their feedback, you will receive an email with a document attached. That document will contain your work AND the comments your consultant wrote for you.



Consultants do not proofread or make edits for you. While a consultant can certainly answer questions about grammar and mechanics if you ask them to, their feedback will be targeted toward topics like organization, cohesion, use of outside sources, and argument. Providing lots of specific questions when you make your appointment will help your consultant understand what you are looking for!

YOU MUST SUBMIT YOUR WORK WHEN YOU MAKE YOUR APPOINTMENT. If you do not, your appointment may be canceled.

If you have not heard back from your consultant within three hours of the end of your appointment, or if you have any other questions, please email

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