Can't decide between English and English Education? DON'T.

Consider the Dual Degree. Now you don't have to choose between two worlds -- you can get the best of both. The Department of English and the College of Education have worked together to combine the degree requirements of the A.B and the B.S.Ed. The result is a dual degree in English/English Education that provides the satisfaction of a broad-based liberal arts education plus pre-professional training and certification.

If you are planning to do this program, you will need to be advised in both the English and the Education departments. This is crucial to assuring that you satisfy all requirements of both programs.

Please contact Jim Kallerman ( in the English Department and Umesh Patel ( in the College of Education for information on advising.

Please note: You must have the same Tentative Graduation Date listed on both your English and English Education majors in order to meet the requirements for Dual Degree Status.

Further information:

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