Since 2001, the British & Irish Studies program has supported interdisciplinary teaching and research at the University of Georgia in the culture, history, arts, society, and politics of Britain and Ireland. British & Irish Studies@UGA seeks to engage students and faculty across the university—from the humanities and arts to the social sciences and professional schools—with issues, ideas, and opportunities pertaining to the study of the complexly linked and evolving histories and contemporary contexts of England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, and the Republic of Ireland. Through an undergraduate certificate program, sponsored lectures and symposia with leading international scholars and artists, and a range of other events and activities, British & Irish Studies@UGA aims to build on and celebrate the significant and field-defining work being done across many disciplines and departments here at the University of Georgia. By further connecting members of the UGA academic community to one another and to the global conversation on these questions, the British & Irish Studies program also hopes to encourage the exploration of the deep transatlantic cultural and historical links between Ireland, Britain, and the United States and Georgia.