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Moran ePortfolio Awards

The Michael G. Moran ePortfolio Awards


Beginning in 2007, the English Department began recognizing the excellent work being done in electronic portfolios for English 1101 and 1102 by presenting the portfolio awards. Named in honor of Michael G. Moran, a former director of the First-Year Writing Program (formerly known as First-year Composition) who did much to shape and improve the program and who has continued to support it by serving loyally on the First-Year Writing Committee, the awards consist of cash prizes and publication of selected exhibits from the winning ePortfolios in the FYW Guide. They are viewable also from the links below.

2021 Moran ePortfolios

Avery Jainniney (ENGL 1101)

  1. The "Do I Matter" Dilemma (Bio)
  2. The Elephant in the Room (IRE)
  3. Trafficked in America -- Forced Labor and American Obligation (Essay 1)
  4. Augusta, Georgia: Home of the Masters and Human Trafficking (Essay 2)
  5. Going the Whole Nine Yards (Peer Review) (Not Available)
  6. Back to the Drawing Board (Revision)
  7. Human Trafficking: Modern Day Slavery in Athens, Georgia (Wildcard)

Hansini Fernando (ENGL 1102)

  1. Act I, Scene I: The Biography (Bio)
  2. Act I, Scene II: The Introductory Reflective Essay (IRE)
  3. Act II, Scene I: The People of Omelas (Essay 1)
  4. Act II, Scene II: Reflections of Tommy (Essay 2)
  5. Act III, Scene I: The Peer Review (Peer Review)
  6. Act III, Scene II: The Revision (Revision)
  7. Act IV, Scene I: The Wildcard (Wildcard)

2019-2020 Moran ePortfolios

Sean Turner (ENGL 1101)

1. From Musician to Dawg (Bio)

2. Who I Am as a Writer (IRE)

3. The Aliens Are Coming (Essay 1)

4. A Major Change in Life (Essay 2)

5. Learning From a Peer (Peer Review)

6. The Never Ending Process (Revision)

7. Dead Writers' Society (Wildcard)


Rachel Godleski (ENGL 1102)

1. Patient Information Form (Bio)

2. Consultation Notes (IRE)

3. Prescription 1 (Essay 1)

4. Prescription 2 (Essay 2)

5. Treatment Plan (Revision)

6. Radiology (Peer Review)

7. Medical History (Wildcard)


2018-2019 Moran ePortfolios


Peng Qi Zhou (ENGL 1101)

1. Speak Yourself (Biography)

2. Following Rubrics Does Not Contradict With Pursuing Freedom (IRE)

3. Reasons Behind Blaming Female Victims (Essay 1)

4. How to Make Your Crush Hate You (Essay 2)

5. Restrictions That Prevent You From Improving (Revision)

6. Peer Review Exhibit (Peer Review)

7. Wild Card Exhibit (Wild Card)


Sarah Riggs (ENGL 1102)

1. Creating an Anthropologist (Biography)

2. Yang Interest, Yin Mindset (IRE)

3. Marxism in a Bug-Shell (Essay 1)

4. Hamlet's Battle with Patriarchal Gender Identity (Essay 2)

5. Knowing Myself (Revision)

6. Learn To Teach (Peer Review)

7. Wreck this Journal: To Create is to Destroy (Wildcard)


2017-2018 Moran ePortfolios


Lacey Walker (ENGL 1101)

1. From Laughter to Tears (Biography) 

2. The Beginning of the End (IRE)

3. Disappointment, Party of One (Essay 1)

4. A Not So Picture Perfect Moment (Essay 2)

5. Bettering Myself (Revision)

6. Support Group (Peer Review)

7. From the Eyes of a Survivor (Wildcard)


Amelia Johnson (ENGL 1102)

1. Biography

2.Audience Reception (IRE)

3. Essay 1

4. Essay 2

5. Learning to Breathe (Revision)

6. Classmate Critics (Peer Review)

7. Somewhere Over My Ego (Wildcard)


2016-2017 Moran ePortfolios


Danielle Pattee (ENGL 1101)

1. Experimental Lab Report: The Effects of English 1101 on Student Writing Quality (Biography)

2. Abstract (IRE)

3. Materials and Methods (Essay 1)

4. Results (Essay 2)

5. Discussion (Revision)

6. Acknowledgements (Peer Review)

7. Data/Observations (Wild Card)


Carter Ashley Hart (ENGL 1103)

1. Who Am I? (Bio)

2. On Writing Essays (IRE)

3. Racism as Mass Insanity: An Analysis of "On Being Crazy" (Essay 1)

4. A Macro-Analysis of the Racialized World (Essay 2)

5. Fixing A Hole (Revision)

6. She Played by Her Lonesome (Peer Review)

7. My Head is in the Clouds (Wild Card)


2015-2016 Moran ePortfolios


John Henline (ENGL 1101)

1. Allow Me to Introduce Myself (Biography) 

2. Exploring Silence (Essay 1)

3. Personal Finance in Cultural and Social Capital (Essay 2)

4. Another Day, Another Rhetorical Device (IRE)

5. Peering In (Peer Review)

6. Say What You Say (Revisions)

7. Things To Avoid When Writing Good (Wildcard)


Andrea Morrison (ENGL 1102)

1. How We Killed the Loch Ness Monster (Biography)

2. Creation (Essay 1)

3. Observation (Essay 2)

4. Introductory Reflexive Essay (IRE)

5. Communication (Peer Review)

6. Integration (Revison)

7. Expectation (Wild Card) 


Akilah Alexander (ENGL 1102)

1. Akilah Alexander (Biography)

2. Madman or Rebel? (Essay 1)

3. So It Goes With God (Essay 2)

4. Before the Big Screen (IRE)

5. Critical Reception (Peer Review)

6. Script Breakdown (Revisions)

7. Movie Score (Wild Card)


2014-2015 Moran ePortfolios

Alyssa Shrewbury


Lauren Rich


2013-2014 Moran ePortfolios

Adam Howington


Ashlyn Williams


2012-2013 Moran ePortfolios

Kaj Hansen


Meredith Elder


Stephanie Tan


2011-2012 Moran ePortfolios

Ravi Srivastava

  1. My Profile (Biography)

  2. About Me (Introductory Reflective Essay)

  3. Edit Profile (Exhibit of Revision Process)

  4. Photos (Revised Essay 1)

  5. Friends (Revised Essay 2)

  6. Messages (Exhibit of Peer Review Process)

  7. Wall Post (Wild Card)


Brad Lathrop

  1. Biography -- Taking That Chance (Biography)

  2. The English Muffin (Wild Card)

  3. How I Became a Detective (Introductory Reflective Essay)

  4. The Lion and the Clock (Revised Essay 1)

  5. Indeterminate Temperature (Revised Essay 2)

  6. CASE CLOSED -- The Steps to Getting There (Exhibit of Revision Process)

  7. A Helping Hand -- Peer Review Exhibit (Exhibit of Peer Review Process)


Blair Christensen

  1. You Too Were Once Flesh, I Think (Biography)

  2. Introductory Reflective Essay (Introductory Reflective Essay)

  3. No Name Woman Essay (Revised Essay 1)

  4. Edit (Exhibit of Revision Process)

  5. Essay 2 (Revised Essay 2)

  6. Peer Review (Exhibit of Peer Review Process)

  7. Fabled (Wild Card)


2010-2011 Moran ePortfolios


Brittany Scott

  1. Editorial Introduction

  2. Biography

  3. Introductory Reflective Essay
  4. Revised Essay 1

  5. Revised Essay 2

  6. Revision Exhibit
  7. Peer Review Exhibit

  8. Wild Card


Taylor Stark

  1. Editorial Introduction

  2. Biography

  3. Introductory Reflective Essay

  4. Revised Essay 1

  5. Revised Essay 2

  6. Revision Exhibit

  7. Peer Review Exhibit

  8. Wild Card


Courtney Purvis

  1. Editorial Introduction

  2. Biography

  3. Introductory Reflective Essay

  4. Revised Essay 1

  5. Revised Essay 2

  6. Revision Exhibit

  7. Peer Review Exhibit

  8. Wild Card


Victoria Moreira

  1. Editorial Introduction

  2. Biography

  3. Introductory Reflective Essay

  4. Revised Essay 1

  5. Revised Essay 2

  6. Revision Exhibit

  7. Peer Review Exhibit

  8. Wild Card


2009-2010 Moran ePortfolios

Trevor Spears

  1. Biography
  2. Introductory Reflective Essay
  3. Revision
  4. Wild Card


Katie Alifarhani

  1. Biography
  2. Introductory Reflective Essay
  3. Peer Review Exhibit
  4. Wild Card

Teneil Salmon

  1. Biography
  2. Introductory Reflective Essay
  3. Revision Exhibit
  4. Peer Review Exhibit
  5. Wild Card


2008-2009 Moran ePortfolios

Jessica Lundy


Charlotte Byram

  1. Biography
  2. Introductory Reflective Essay
  3. Revision Exhibit


Anita George


2007-2008 Moran ePortfolios


Liti Nguyen

  1. Biography
  2. Reflective Introduction
  3. Revised Essay 2


Judyth Lee

  1. Revised Essay 1
  2. Revised Essay 2
  3. Revision Exhibit

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