Choose four courses from the following list: 

ENGL 4333E/6333E: Shakespeare in the Eighteenth Century

ENGL 4400/6400: Restoration and Eighteenth-Century English Drama

ENGL 4420/6420: Early Eighteenth-Century Prose and Poetry

ENGL 4430: The Eighteenth-Century English Novel

ENGL 4440/6400: The Age of Johnson

ENGL 4450: The Global Eighteenth Century

ENGL 4460: Women in the Eighteenth Century

ENGL 4480/6480: Scottish Literature of the Eighteenth Century

ENGL 4490: Topics in Eighteenth-Century Literature

ENGL 4491-4491L: The Eighteenth Century on Film

ENGL 4700: People of Paradox: American Colonial Voices