Four Advanced Writing Courses from the following list:

ENGL 3590: Technical and Professional Communication
ENGL 3600: Advanced Composition
ENGL 4832: Writing for the World Wide Web
ENGL 4830: Advanced Studies in Writing
ENGL 4831: Advanced Studies in Writing: the Critical Essay
ENGL 4850: Rhetoric, Literature and Textuality
ENGL 4833: Composition Theory and Pedagogy
ENGL/LING 4170: Second Language Acquisition
ENGL 4810: Literary Magazine Editing and Publishing
ENGL 4820: Literary Theory
ENGL 4825: Topics in Literary Theory
ENGL 4840: Internship in Literary Media (requires prior approval from the Undergraduate Office)
ENGL 4888: Humanities Computing

Students are encouraged to take a fifth course from the following list:

ELAN 4450: Teaching Writing in the Secondary School
JOUR 3410 or 3410H: New Writing and Reporting
SPCM 4200: Introduction to Rhetorical Theory
SPCM 4210: Classical Rhetoric
SPCM 4220: Theories of Argumentation