The University of Georgia is proud to offer writing help through our main location and four satellite locations. Each location caters to a particular need and/or clientele. Please familiarize with the locations and their offered services to determine which location is right for your appointment.

All-Purpose Help: Park Hall, Room 66

This location is ideal for students who have any assignment not in the sciences and can book an appointment during normal business hours (8-5, Monday-Friday). Think class essays, statements of purpose, etc. 

ENGL 1101, 1102, and 1103 Help: Park Hall Emma Lab, Room 118

This location is ideal for students who have assignments in any first-year composition course and/or are seeking help with the emma website (select days and hours). Think homework, major assignments, and portfolio.

Science/Technical Writing Help: Science Library, Room 201

This location is ideal for students who have assignments in the physical, life, and researched-based social sciences (select days and hours). Think lab reports, dissertations, and articles.  

All-Purpose After Hours Help: Miller Learning Center, Room 302

This location is similar to Park 66, but it serves students who cannot make appointments during normal business hours (after 5 P.M. on select days).

All-Purpose Online Help: Online Consultations

Our online services provide a synchronous/real-time platform (select days and hours). This is a live appointment and requires the same amount of collaboration as a face-to-face appointment. Students part of any campus of University of Georgia system who do not have access to the Athens campus are encouraged to make use of this service.