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Transfer Credit

FAQs about Transfer Credit for First-year Composition ENGL 1101 and 1102
(for students)

The University of Georgia accepts transfer credit for ENGL 1101 and 1102 from most campuses in the USG system, although not all. We accept transfer credit from most colleges and universities across the nation, although again there are exceptions. In many cases, we need to see additional documentation before making a decision. Here are some guidelines for seeking Transfer Credit for ENGL 1101 and 1102. 

Follow these steps . . . .

1. Confer with your advisor. Your advisor will tell you which course might possibly receive transfer credit for First-year Composition (FYC) and will advise you as to the likelihood of getting credit for a particular course. Make sure that you know which class you will be submitting for ENGL 1101 or 1102 credit.

2. Consider whether your course fits the definition of a first-year writing course. Below are some basic criteria that the First-year Composition Office uses to determine whether a course can be considered a writing class.  


How do you define a writing class?

A. Involves a substantial number of papers, most of them written out-of-class. At UGA, classes write 3 papers and create a final portfolio. 

B. Involves a substantial amount of writing. UGA guidelines are approximately 1,000-1,500 words per paper. The final portfolio includes an additional 800-1500 reflective essay. 

C. Involves an intensive focus on the writing process. Includes multiple drafts, peer editing, and teacher feedback and revision. The final portfolio demonstrates revision skills. 

D. Involves critical analysis and thinking. ENGL 1101 deals with expository writing and argument, ENGL 1102 with literature. Nevertheless, both classes focus on critical thinking and composition skills and are conducted largely through workshop rather than lecture.


3. Collect the materials necessary to make your case. For classes that are easily recognizable as First-year Composition courses, you will need to bring with you a copy of the exact syllabus from the course you are looking to receive credit for. This syllabus must match the course and credit hours posted in your degree works. It must include the types and weight of each writing assignment and how the final grade was calculated. 


Please email syllabi for transfer credit evaluation to Kensie Poor (, First-year Composition Office Manager, or drop the materials by her office in Park Hall Room 128. 



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