Rhetoric and Composition:

Four Advanced Writing Courses

(ENGL 3590 Technical and Professional Communication, ENGL 3600 Advanced Composition, ENGL 4832 Writing for the World Wide Web, ENGL 4830 Advanced Studies in Writing, ENGL 4831 Advanced Studies in Writing: the Critical Essay, ENGL 4850 Rhetoric, Literature and Textuality, ENGL 4833 Composition Theory and Pedagogy, ENGL/LING 4170 Second Language Acquisition, ENGL 4810 Literary Magazine Editing and Publishing, ENGL 4820 Literary Theory, ENGL 4825 Topics in Literary Theory, ENGL 4840 Internship in Literary Media (requires prior approval from the Undergraduate Office), ENGL 4888 Humanities Computing)

Students are encouraged to take a 5th course from the following: ELAN 4450 Teaching Writing in the Secondary School, JOUR 3410 New Writing and Reporting, JOUR 3410H News Writing and Reporting (Honors), SPCM 4200 Introduction to Rhetorical Theory, SPCM 4210 Classical Rhetoric, SPCM 4220 Theories of Argumentation