Required Course

ENGL 4821: Poetics

One class in poetry before 1800

One class in poetry after 1800, including ENGL 4500: Romantic literature

One additional English class centered on poetry or poetics, from the following list:

ENGL 4060: Old English
ENGL 4210: Old English Literature
ENGL 4220: Beowulf
ENGL 4230/4230W: Medieval Literature
ENGL 4240/4240W Chaucer
ENGL 4270 Medieval Romance
ENGL 4296 Literature of Medieval Wales
ENGL 4300/4300W Elizabethan Poetry
ENGL 4320/4320W Shakespeare I: Selection
ENGL 4330/4330W/4330E/4330S Shakespeare II: Topics
ENGL 4340 Renaissance Drama
ENGL 4350 17th-Century Poetry
ENGL 4370 Milton

ENGL 4500 Romantic Literature
ENGL 4540 Victorian Poetry
ENGL[AFAM] 4620 African American Poetry
ENGL 4660 20th-Century British Poetry
ENGL 4770 20th-Century American Poetry
Any topics course with a focus on poetry 

Any other course from the lists above, as well as the following courses:

ENGL 3050 or 3050H: Intro to Poetry
ENGL 4800W: Advanced Creative Writing with a specified poetry or poetics focus
Any  topics class with a poetry or poetics focus