Emeritus Faculty
Alumni Foundation Distinguished Professor, Head of the Department of English, and Director of Linguistics

Dr. John Algeo taught, lectured, and published on linguistics, fantasy literature,
and religion. He is author or editor of twenty-nine books, including the widely-used
textbook, Origins and Development of the English Language. At UGA, he was
Alumni Foundation Distinguished Professor, Department Head, and Director of
Linguistics. He was President of the American Dialect Society, the American
Name Society, and the Dictionary Society of North America. He edited the
journal American Speech for ten years and, with his wife, Adele, for another ten
years wrote its "Among the New Words" column on neologisms. He was a
Fulbright Research Fellow and a Guggenheim Fellow at the University of
London, Visiting Professor at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, and
seminar leader for English teachers in Jerusalem.