Three Required Classes

ENGL 3800: Introduction to Creative Writing

Two sections of ENGL 4800: Advanced Creative Writing

One Contemporary Literature or Genre class from the list below:

ENGL 4760: Contemporary American Literature

ENGL 4770: Twentieth-Century American Poetry

ENGL 4790 Topics in American Literature

ENGL 4860: Multicultural Topics in American Literature

ENGL 4660: Twentieth-Century British Poetry

ENGL 4670: Twentieth-Century British Novel

ENGL 4680: Modern Irish Literature

ENGL 4690: Topics in Twentieth-Century British Literature

ENGL 4821: Poetics

ENGL 4864: History and Theory of the Novel

ENGL 4865: Topics in the Novel before 1900

ENGL 4866: Topics in the Novel after 1900