Application for 1 Credit Hour Internship

Download the Internship Checklist here.

Download the On-Site Supervisor Information Form here.

Download the Mid Term Progress Report here.

___ ENGL 4840: Internship in the Literary Arts

___ ENGL 4841: Internship in Teaching and Pedagogy

___ ENGL 4842: Internship in Professional and Technical Communication

___ ENGL 4844: Internship in Library or Museum Studies



Your Name



UGA student number



Telephone Number and UGA Email Address



Term for which you seek are seeking credit



Venue (publisher or journal; school and class; company or institution)



Name of on-site internship advisor



Approval of Dr. Menke, English Department Undergraduate Coordinator (for ENGL 4840, 4842, or 4844) or Dr. Miller in Park Hall 128, Pedagogy Internship Supervisor (ENGL 4841)





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Students are responsible for arranging an internship in conjunction with the English Undergraduate Office and an on-site internship supervisor. Applications for venues not currently on record with the English Undergraduate Office must be reviewed and voted on by the Undergraduate Committee.

Academic credit is earned on the basis of 6-10 hours per week of on-site work during the regular 15-week term (11-20 hours during the 8-week summer session), a weekly work log, and a brief summary of experiences at the end of the semester. Download the Mid Term Progress Report form here.  In general, English Internships count as a 1 hour, general elective credit.

For an internship that includes academic work similar to work in an upper-level English class, as well as an academic final project guided by a faculty member in English, students may petition the Undergraduate Committee for permission to receive 3 hours of general elective credit. In order to allow time for the approval process, students should begin planning early in the term preceding that in which they want to earn academic credit for the internship. Credit for internships will count as general academic credit; it does not count as required coursework within the major.