Studies in the Novel:

Required: ENGL 4864 History and Theory of the Novel
One Class in the Novel Before 1900
One Class in the Novel After 1900
One additional English class in the Novel

(ENGL 4430 18 th c. English Novel, ENGL 4520 19 th c. British Novel, ENGL 4730 American Novel to 1900, ENGL 4505 Jane Austen, ENGL 4865 Topics in the Novel before 1900)
(ENGL 4670 20 th c. British Novel, ENGL 4780 20 th c. American Novel, ENGL 4685 Postcolonial Literature, ENGL 4690 James Joyce, ENGL 4795 William Faulkner, ENGL 4866 Topics in the Novel after 1900)
([includes all of the above plus any of the following]: ENGL 4630 African American Fiction, ENGL 4640 Film as Literature (when appropriate per topic), ENGL 4720 American Realism and Naturalism, ENGL 4995 Senior Seminar)