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Emma Catherine Perry

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Writing Center Assistant Director
Graduate Instructor

Emma Catherine Perry writes poetry and nonfiction, and her research interests include antiracist writing center work and the implications of artificial intelligence for dehuman rhetoric and composition. 

Emma teaches first-year writing, creative writing, and writing center theory and practice. She has served as the Assistant Director of the UGA Writing Center and as an associate with the Digital Lab. While finishing her PhD at UGA, Emma is also working as the Associate Director of the Writing Center at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Curriculum Vitae

Personal Website

Of note:

Some of Emma's recent work on advocacy strategies for writing center practitioners is included in the forthcoming collection Linguistic Justice on Campus: Pedagogy and Advocacy for Multilingual Students (Multilingual Matters/Channel View Publications, 2021)

cover of forthcoming edited collection "Linguistic Justice on Campus"

More information about this collection is available on the publisher's website:

"This landmark volume from a generation of scholars who have come of age during the historic move from monolingual assumptions in the field of composition to multilingual/translingual orientations offers a bridge to those committed to linguistic justice on their campuses. The pedagogically practical chapters provide sound, powerful rationales from scholar teachers who model transformative practices – both pedagogically and methodologically." Maria Jerskey, City University of New York/LaGCC, USA

"A practical and research-driven handbook for writing teachers invested in redressing linguistic oppression, Linguistic Justice on Campus demonstrates the possibilities of multilingual writing pedagogies grounded in coalitional action. This collection rightfully centralizes linguistic justice as critical to all that we do in writing classrooms, centers, and programs." Laura Gonzales, University of Florida, USA

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